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His Priceless Blind Wife

His Priceless Blind Wife


Amber Meleiya 7

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His Priceless Blind Wife






His Priceless Blind Wife

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“I want a divorce.” Lola stared blankly in the air. Blake looked at her in shock. “Lola, stop this nonsense.” "What? Do you think that because I'm blind so I cannot leave you?" Lola snorted, “All these years, you took me to the hospital to have my blood drawn. I thought that you were doing this for my health. I thought you loved me! And I just found out that my blood was actually transfused to your ex-girlfriend!!!!" Blake felt a twinge in his heart when he saw her pained face, he averted his gaze even though he knew that she couldn't see him. "So what? You should feel honored to give your blood to Dani! " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A car accident left Lola blind and bereft of her family. When she was in despair, Blake appeared in her life. She trusted him and married him without hesitation. But three years later when she found out that he was actually a liar and had been taking advantage of her, she asked for a divorce. Though Blake signed the divorce agreement, he was confident that Lola would regret it and come back to him one day.