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Super Mommy and Her Triplets

Super Mommy and Her Triplets


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Super Mommy and Her Triplets






Super Mommy and Her Triplets

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Seven years ago, Bailey Jefferson was threatened by her despicable half-sister, who forced her to sell herself in exchange for her beloved granny’s life. That one night was all it took for her to be disgraced and chased out of her home. Saddened by the loss of her eldest son whom she had painstakingly carried to term, she left her country. She made a triumphant return years later with her twins, but this time, Bailey was different. After teaching her half-sister and stepmother a much-needed lesson, she dominated the entertainment industry and made herself a household name on a global scale. During this time, she suddenly found herself gaining the companionship of a cute little kid, who insisted on calling her “Mommy,” and a wealthy man, who domineeringly asked for her hand in marriage. “Mr. Luther, I was the one who took the 3 billion from your account. A money-grubbing woman like me wouldn’t be a good match for you!” “Let’s not talk money. Why don’t you be a good girl?" “…”